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I perform in intimate settings.  I talk to the audience as though they’re friends I've invited over.  I speak about the pieces I'm about to sing and why I love them.  When barriers break down we are all in the experience together.

Artists, composers and writers don’t create pieces to be dissected and analyzed centuries later.  We create because we need to express the otherwise inexpressible and crave for it to be recognized and reflected by others. We sing because music reaches inside and pulls the listener against their will. By engaging with my audiences on an intimate level, with candor and openness, I encourage something more meaningful.  Affluence and scholarship are not required to be moved.  All you need is a beating heart and an openness to the experience.

Heartbreak, passion, grief, joy, jealousy and euphoria do not belong to a certain era.  Our humble struggles and victories connect us to any region and any moment. An Italian lament about betrayal can rip at your insides just as a modern ballad can tear you apart. If it moves you, it’s worth it to me.

If you feel the same way and work in chamber music, opera, immersive theatre, film, mixed media, electronica, soundtracks… get in touch.  Maybe we can do something meaningful together.